Gambia's Youth Triumph Makes Impressive Progress

The Gambia's Youth triumph in Youth and Sports sectors and have made impressive progress in boosting the nation's youth and sports talent. This year, strategic funding has sparked unity and pride among Gambian youth with the increasing support of the Government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Youth & Sports. most recent funding & support are as follows;

• The African Senior Athletic Championship in Douala, Cameroon, thanks to a significant investment of D3,024,800.00 support to compete at the highest level

• A grant of D225,000.00 was given to Members of the Gambia Scout Association to cover their airfares and accommodation to the World Scout Conference in Egypt.

• The Gambia Wrestling Association received D700,000.00 support to participate at the African Beach Wrestling Championship in Senegal. Gambian wrestlers showcased their strength and skills developed through months of intense trainings.

• The Ministry allocated D200,000.00 to the National Sports Council and Joluv Arts Entertainment as part of their fundraising activities for sports development, across the North Bank, Upper River, Central River, and Lower River regions with a view to empowering grassroots sports and giving young people the chance to develop their skills.

From international championships to local grassroots efforts, these initiatives have united Gambian youth, showcasing talents, developing sports, empowering youth, fostering excellence and camaraderie. As athletes, scouts, and young sports enthusiasts aim for greatness, the future of Gambian sports looks brighter than ever.